Beware Of The Brock’s Chick Poser

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Brocks Chick Poser

THE DIRTY ARMY: Avid reader man and thedirty help me solve a huge mystery. Really long story so bear with me but my friend Wesley Patzkowsky who is a marine stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC has been chirping for the last few months about this smoking hot girl, EJ (Ericka Janelle) Taylor whom he has supposedly been dating. Well expecting to meet her when I visted him a few weeks ago, I find out that he has never actually met her but met on myspace 3 years ago and became “serious” only a few months ago. They talk all the time and say I love you and such and makes me want to puke. Some background on this girl from him is that she is from Kentwood, Louisiana and she had a kid when she was 16, then again a few years later had twins, one of which supposedly died last summer. She claims she has a boutique in New Orleans, a tattoo parlor in Florida, and houses in Louisana, California, Florida, and NC. Drives a brand new range rover, poses for playboy (this month supposedly) and she flies around in her grandpa’s private jet (even though that private jet had to stop in charlotte to refuel cause they came from New Orleans). A) I’ve never heard of a private jet having to refuel like that. B) Atlanta and Charlotte are the only two cities that serve Jacksonville, NC (weird) and claims is a trust fund baby and can get any guy. Well she supposedly came to NC but every time she was supposed to show an excuse always came up like she ran out of gas or looks ugly. After a few days I get suspecious that this girl isn’t real and so he shows me pictures of her on his phone. MOTHERF*CKING BROCKS CHICK. Half the pictures I’ve seen on I almost fell over and I showed him all the pictures on here and he feels like an idiot. Well he called her up to tell her I caught her and she claims she is Brocks Chick and that people steal her pictures and that she has a lawsuit against you and they are really her blah blah blah. What sold it on me is that I am a huge Saints fan and she claims she is too but some of her pics show she is wearing Steelers stuff. She claims those are shopped pics of her. She tries to send us pics of her on her camera phone but they were pics she pulled from the sight and/or photoshopped pics. So she sends me a pic of her drivers license (see attached) but leaves out her ss# and DOB. all the other pics we got from his phone are already on the site. Just a weird story and maybe you can shed some light on the situation cause I want to take this girl down. Thanks man and keep up the good work. And we also need the Dirty Oklahoma City cause I know a lot of broads who need a reality check.

Brock’s Chick is a die hard Steeler fan and this person is a total fake probably trying to get your boy to wire her money (Amanda Roadmen style).- nik

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