THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Brooke Katonka, degenerate junkie to be warned of. She’s willing to fck anyone with a pocket of pills or any interesting drug for that matter. She willing trades her vagina to support her habits, op*ates being her favorite; the only thing on her mind is who is supplying her next oxy. As soon as one individual runs low on drugs or out of money should moves to the next to feed her addiction. It doesnt matter to her who she fcks as long as their getting her high, she’s been to known to transmit cly**ia to many individuals in the past. Anyone having relations with this individual should preceed to a doctor at the next available convience. Please be warned I am completely serious and am posting this for your safety. If you do plan to have relations with this individual I advise you protect yourself in any form possible.

That’s one way around photoshop.  Musta taken forever to write all that concealer on the mirror though.- nik