THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have some good info on Tony Fag’s Ferrari. It’s a real 360, however it looks like a mexican modded it out. Dude added a spoiler and gold rims. Its a 2002 with 72K miles….all city miles…lol… He really racked up the mileage cruising “Viagra” triangle! Anyhow, I flip exotics and was offered this car 2 weeks ago. Once I saw the personalized tag…I knew where I recognized it from…THE DIRTY! Could’ve bought it for 65k…passed on it cause he F’d it up …looks like a kit car.

This is awesome… sorry Tony Fag you cannot hide from the DIRTY ARMY.  I wouldn’t buy that kit car for more than 23K.  Only because I am not sure how much Fiero’s are going for these days.- nik