**Update:  Email from Dirty Army Soldier: Brandon Davis got kicked out of BYU for knocking up his girlfriend.  The volleyball player, Danica Mendivil, she was posted on here yesterday.  I have family that lives in Provo UT.  I have a VERY reliable source that she confessed to her bishop that she was pregnant, and he pressured her to tell him who the father was.  She held out for like a month, then caved.  She ratted out Brandon.  If she would have waited one more month to tell, BYU could have had a national championship.  Utah is stupid, no where else does little sh*t like this matter.  Dumb Mormo’s.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, many people at BYU still can’t believe that Brandon Davies was suspended for having sex with his own girlfriend. SEX, like what 14 year olds do. Now BYU doesnt even stand a chance to make it to the Elite 8 and the students are outraged. My sister goes the BYU and said most of them have sex here on campus anyway, why ruin our season because of it. Anyway so everyone wants to see the girl that got Brandon Davies suspended. I go to school with his girlfriend Danica Mendivil here at ASU, here are a few pictures of her, personally that guy messed up BYU’s season over an ok looking girl. Nik, thoughts about this?

Danica MenDevil is a total DreamKiller. This is the girl who didn’t believe in “Soaking”.- nik

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