Caitlin Crawford, Dirty Jersey Chaser

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet, CAITLIN CRAWFORD…How has not one person put her up here yet?? Miss cailtin is the biggest jersey chasing wh*re ever! shes so dedicated to finding football husbandS that her major is even broadcasting! She sleeps with Travis Lewis, football player #28 from Oklahoma University. He has a girl friend and she still f**ks with him cuz shes a slut whore. Daddy got her an internship with the cowboys and shes already f*ckin around with some of the “BOYS”. yea and this dumb bitch dose not know anything about sports or the players stats, only how to sleep with them and how they like it in bed! She gets all her gigs from daddy or from dancing on the boss’ balls at the bar. B*tch likes to act like shes innocent and loves God and what not but shes not fooling anyone but herself. Biggest Hippocratic hoebag ever. Funny how pretty rich girls can make the cheapest wh*res look like classy ambassadors. Because this is how ridiculous this sleazy c**t it.

Sounds like you really love Caitlin Crawford.- nik

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