Caitlyn Jenner – Republican Star Power

Caitlyn Jenner – Republican Star Power

The LGBT community is very confused by Caitlyn Jenner’s support of Donald Trump. As The Dirty reported, as soon as Trump became President the LGBT page was deleted from the White House website.

Here are images of Caitlyn Jenner leaving Los Angeles to DC – where she attended the Inaugural Liberty Ball to show her support for Donald Trump. Caitlyn was the only big name celebrity at the event besides fired Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan.

People we have spoken to in the LBGT community are outraged by Caitlyn’s support of Trump, one woman telling The Dirty, “It’s obvious Bruce is still the boss in her mind. I wouldn’t say she is 100% transformed”, and another woman stated, “Caitlyn wants to look like Melania, she worships Mrs. Trump so her support doesn’t shock me … it’s very selfish if you think about it”.

Looks like the backlash from the LGBT community towards their leader Caitlyn Jenner will continue for four more years.

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