Calgary Scum Mike Wells

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Mike wells Calgary scum

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am sure that every girl and guy in the city of YYC can attest that this guy is the biggest scum to come through Calgary. Let’s start with a list. 1. He came crawling into calgarys “hardcore” scene with shitty tattoos and no friends. so he thought it was a good idea to start sucking up to everyone and banging as many underaged girls as he can. 2. He has sh*tty tattoos. 3. Hes like what 26? 27? and still goes to shows?? like grow up pal 4. One of the worst photographers in Calgary. This should almost rate as #2. His images are SO over Photoshopped and stretched out that its hideous and he actually things hes professional. His website is a joke and very un professional. He gets his under aged “girl friends” to pose naked – THIS IS ILLEGAL. He continues to work low end paying jobs at his age because his career in photography is down the drain. GROW UP and get a real job. 5. He has got to be one of the ugliest mother f*ckers I’ve ever seen. Who would blame him for his insecurities, he has facial hair like a 15 year old. Hes short and chubby. And that’s not all the small things that run in the family. Heard from many girls he has an extremely small dick. Please stay tuned for pictures they will be posted on Is Anyone Up and his facebook will be tagged. Continuing on about his sex life, it has been known that he hangs around certain circles and goes to parties and BEGS girls to sleep with them if they dont he threatens them and their family. because he cant get any attractive and mature girls he results to under aged teenagers. KEEP in mind this guy is like 26? 27? Its disgusting, degrading and pathetic. He tries to make kiddy porn videos with his “girl friends” and when they wont submit he ditches them. 6. Speaking of his circles of “friends ” Scott Martin is one of his ” best friends” they are pretty much the exact same person except scott is almost a dirtier version, cant hold a job, huge sloot, fake tans, sh*tty tattoos. Him and his friends such as Scott Martin and Curtis FAGan , sleep around with the SAME underaged girls, thus leading to them ALL SHARING THE SAME DRD. The cat has been out of the bag on this one, STAY AWAY GIRLS. Mike has also been known to ask girl to SH*T on his body as a turn on, often enjoys *nal. Which leads to the next point. – THIS GUY LIKES D*CK. Caught in public alleys behind dity clubs Mike has been caught on several occasion of sucking d*ck. MEN! He likes the c*ck in his mouth as well as he likes catching, he swings both ways. 7. Amongst being pathetic and dirty this guy enjoys the drama in his life. Some unfortunate events must have happened in his life at a young age that has impacted him today. Forcing him to act like scum and be proud of it. This guy deserves all the hell he can get. If anyone see’s him they need to do something about it, call the police. Girls AND guys beware.

What high  schools are his flyers hung at??- nik

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