THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I see this chick at almost every event and industry club outing, who I’ll give her credit is cute but she is the worst bottlerat. I approached her one night a few months ago because I see her almost all the time and we talked and exchanged numbers, I text her of course wanting to get some action but she said she wasn’t that kind of girl and that she liked to get to know people better so I asked her to come out and she suggested going to Hyde because it’s one of her favorite clubs. So I met her up there and somehow she convinced me to buy a bottle and then invited some of her ugly ass friends to join us. She was there maybe 2 or 3 hrs and then said she had to go to the bathroom and just left me there at the club without even a goodbye. Nik, you asked in an older post that we should give you the top 5 bottlerats and I’m giving you the No. 1 BottleRat. What makes it worse is she’s a nobody. She just thinks she’s hot because she goes out with ugly wh*res who only know how to drink other people’s bottles with no shame. Whoever it is, they need to stop letting her into clubs.

Thes Nguyens never seem to catch a break.- nik