THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is Ryan Pugh, all SEC, possibly all American, offensive lineman for the #2 ranked Auburn Tigers. Around the league he is known as Mr. Chop Block for his propensity for cutting D linemen’s knees and wrecking their careers. He and his like friend decided to go to a party as Reggie Bush and I assume Kim Kardashian. Pretty ironic since Auburn’s spin doctor’s have been screaming racism over the Cam Newton controversy and this is Cam’s #1 blocker. This coming from a school with less than 2 percent black students in a state where nearly twenty percent of the population is black. Still a plantation in the heart of plantation country. Not the first blackface incident there either.

Listen, we are talking about millions of dollars being thrown out the window in Cam Newton’s future. So every possible scenario is in play to help Cam get out of this mess. I do think the Reggie Bush look is a little ironic since he is a NCAA cheater… maybe Ryan Pugh is trying to tell us something?- nik