Can He Really Pretend To Be That Nice

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THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this guy I met off of Plenty of fish have been talking for awhile and I thought he was a good hard working guy who is a single dad with his daughter. He bragged about how his dead beat mother does nothing for the child and has no interaction with this child..
The other day I was told different… did he actually call Child Welfare on this woman while she had to sell her self sort to take care of her family and abusive boyfriend who wouldnt work and drink up his money and do drugs while he would take advantage of her love to financially better himself and to leave her with nothing. Is this true, Please someone give me some answers. I need to know if someone could be so phony to lie about this woman and could be actually do this to me or someone else. Could he really be capable of putting these children thru this traumatic life thru foster care while the mother fights to battle child welfare for her rights while she was victimized by this abuser for many of years of alcoholism and drug abuse? Did he really Run around on her while she was pregnant and at home with children? I need to know. Does he still live off his mamma who works at bargin in the hood? Someone must have information On Cody Robert Chartrand of the Nait Area.. Bum of Edmonton Ring a bell? Could he be so DIRTY, Nic you must know a thing or two bout this so call Hood Sniff!?!?

Is that a bucket beside the bed….amateurs.- nik

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