THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, can Kamil choose a man already? Getting sick of seeing this gremlin all over my newsfeed kissing EVERY guy she parties with. She\’s always talking about how she\’s the furthest thing from a wh*re, but she\’s the first one to jump on the D if you can hook her up with access to the club (she\’s only 18) or buy her a drink, yes just ONE drink. Girls – Don\’t ever befriend this troll. She\’s slept with EVERY one of her friends boyfriends. EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM. Hence, why she can only keep a friend for a couple of months. BOYS – She\’s filthy. Kamil, word of advice, keep your MOUTH closed and focus on paying for your own drinks and maybe waiting until you\’re actually 21 to get into the clubs. 3 years will fly by in no time, especially if you\’re fucking around with this many guys.  P.S. Stop wearing two bras, we know you have nothing under there.

Send in better pictures of Kamil.- nik