THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am a huge fan of yours, been DA strong since the VanDirty beginning. I can’t help myself but share “The Ded Beats” with you, please let me introduce John, Ben and Cam. I went to high school with these guys and let me tell you, they are even douchieier now then they were back then. They are from Delta a suburb about 30 minutes out from Vancouver and they have recently just released their debut album Starbody. When I first heard this going around I assumed it was some sort of joke but it turns out they are actually serious. They had a album release party a few weeks ago and people actually came out to support them haha! Basically its 3 lower class, out of shape, balding boys in their 20’s attempting to “rap” and “sing” in their socks. Honestly, you couldn’t of put shoes on for your debut music video haha? Boys, boys…focus on your $8.00 an hour job serving me drinks at the bar at Cactus Club and stop this silly business. You guys look like a bunch of god damn idiots and you and your music SUCKS.

I stopped watching ten seconds in.- nik