Carl Claypoole

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THE DIRTY ARMY: How to I present this to the dirty army? This is Carl Claypoole and his girlfriend Regina Porter. Both are unemployed and on Ssi. Regina has children By Carl’s Brother Al. And a child with Carl. So Carl is Uncle Daddy? These two inbreeds are simply scum. For some odd reason they have decided to start a “hate” page on Facebook. Calling themselves the “Kings of Facebook” These two have been on National tv (Google Carl Claypoole on the Jeremy Kyle show) and in spite of all this. Carl Makes a stupid Facebook page bashing people from several counties. I know people want to be like you Nik. What I do not get is why a woman beating midget that has children with his brothers ex girl makes it acceptable for someone to think they are better then someone. And who calls themselves the “King of Facebook?” LAME. Who knows if this will even make a real website. This dude needs to be put on blast. Carl you are NOT better then anyone. I have no idea how someone can call themselves the self professed king of Facebook when at best you have 700 likes. Thedirty has what 45000? Sounds like a real king there. Nik I often wonder if you ever look at the crap wanna be pages online and just laugh at there sheer stupidity and inability to come up with anything original online. Not sure if you agree Nik. If your going to run some kind of hate site it would be better if you checked yourself in the mirror first.

Who takes their shirt off in a public washroom….does he not have a mirror at home?- nik

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