THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you just posted Carli Bybel on here, and I wasn’t really that surprised. Carli pretends to be a sweet, classy and independent girl, but this girl is pure trash. She’s just another model wannabe, she has no personality and I feel bad for the girls that watch her on youtube. She’s a makeup guru, and teaches others about beauty, yet this girl has a major MAC force field. Everybody in our home town knew how this girl has been around, and not because she wants to be a sl*t, but because she wants to make it big. She f*cks anyone that would pay for her expensive taste and that could help her get her foot in the door. Carli you are a fake sl*t, you really need to stop thinking you’re some hot thing, and stop lying to your subscribers about being classy.

She sounds like a Mattress.- nik

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