Casey Batchelor Minds Her Manners

Casey Batchelor Minds Her Manners

UK star Casey Batchelor, who appeared on the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother 13, was recently caught at James’ Jog-on to Cancer event.

While she may not be an A-list celeb- as, to be honest, we haven’t heard much about her- she showed that she likes to mind her manners.

After appearing on the red carpet for the event, where the flash of the camera lights could almost blind us through the screen, Batchelor had the decency to say “thanks guys” to all the photogs that were taking pics of her.

While it’s certainly nice for someone to be recognized, it’s also nice for them to appreciate the job someone is doing– i.e. taking photos of them to be printed online and in tabloids, which helps their social stature.

While the old saying goes that “nice guys finish last” something tell us that if she keeps up her positive attitude, she will definitely continue to rise.

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