THE DIRTY ARMY: Yay or Nay? What do you think about Kelly Osbourne? I am tired of celebrities getting worshiped over weight loss. They are in the entertainment industry, a big part of it is your image. Unless you had a baby why the heck were you so careless with your image to let yourself get fat in the first place. I figure, don’t these folks have money to keep this from happening. Surely they can afford healthy food, cooks, private trainers, gym memberships, plastic surgery etc. in most cases. Don’t get me started on Christina Aguilera, she used to be one of the skinniest chicks in the game! Kim Kardashian has been looking like she should be at Sea World herself lately too. Then they have the nerve to give the public sob stories on their weight issues and sometimes make money off of it, yawn. Hit the treadmill b*tches.

Kelly doesn’t have ITG. The image is cropped so it doesn’t show her leg pointing outwards and her arms are still plump. I give her credit though, she has come along way.- nik