Cesar The Manipulator


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Cesar the Manipulator

Cesar the Manipulator

Cesar the Manipulator

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Cesar Flores – this biggest sloot in Granite City. This guy has been known to go to bars and pick up chicks OR on the dating site pof. and okcupid and lord who knows what else. He is known for telling girls crap that they want to hear to get into their panties. I have to admit i did meet this dbag on okcupid. He was a gentleman at first and said all the lines a girl wants to hear that im beautiful im the one and blah blah blah and as soon as we did the dirty he never answered my call or heard from him again… WATCH OUT girls. So i did my research on him after that and come to find out He is MARRIED…He told me he had NO kids and found out he does.. What kind of douche lye’s about there family… and i feel so sorry for his wife because she has no idea that he has been cheating on her.(At least not to my knowledge.) He is in the army and lye’s to her that he has to go off to training but in reality he was off screwing me and whatever else fell for his lines. So its time to put his sh*t on blast.

Is that a dildo strapped to his chest? a purple one at that…- nik

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