Chad Johnson ex-NFL Star Faces Final Judgement Of Home Foreclosure Over 162,000 Dollars

Chad Johnson ex-NFL Star Faces Final Judgement Of Home Foreclosure Over 162,000 Dollars

Nik, so Chad Johnson has been ordered to appear in Florida court next month … where the ex-NFL star will have to explain why the judge should not order his Miami home to be foreclosed on and sold off at public auction … due to him defaulting on the $150k property loan.

Michael Pomerantz filed suit against Chad Johnson in Miami Court earlier this month. The man is demanding the ex-NFL star’s Florida home be foreclosed on due to him screwing him over by defaulting on the home loan. Back in 2012, Johnson executed a loan in the amount of $150,000 to purchase the Miami Gardens property. Then last November, Pomerantz and Johnson agreed to extend the term of the note and mortgage for an additional 2 years beyond the schedule date.

Since they reached the agreement, the ex-NFL star defaulted on the loan back in June by missing a payment. Pomerantz said he sent a notice of default to Johnson in August but he has refused to pay up. Pomerantz claims Johnson is in default and per the terms of their deal the entire outstanding balance of $150,000 is due immediately. He is pleading with the court put a lien against the Miami property and proceed to foreclosure on the home and sell it off at public auction.

He demanded the sales of the home be put towards the $150k he is owed. According to the default letter sent to Chad, the total amount owed with interest and late charges comes out to $161,030.34, which has yet to be settled. Pomerantz demanded the judge set a hearing immediately, to determine that Chad has defaulted and to allow him to begin the foreclosure proceedings.

Then on December 2nd, the judge came back and granted the man’s motion by ordering Chad to appear before him in court on January 23rd. The order states Chad must appear in person to show cause why the final judgement of foreclosure – being sought by the plaintiff – should not be entered and why his home should not be taken away from him due to him blowing off his loan payments. The judge says at the hearing next month he may enter the proposed final judgement allowing Pomerantz to begin the foreclosure proceedings.

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