Channing Tatum’s Bar “Saints And Sinners” Is A Complete Disaster

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THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I am a student and had the doubtful pleasure to work in Channing Tatum’s upcoming bar in New Orleans called “Saints and Sinners”, formerly known as “Sammy’s”. The location is (badly) run by 2 people: Keith Kurtz, his only merit in life seems being a friend of Channing Tatum, already my first impression of him was: sleazo. To me, and on the quiet to all other employees too, he made a very unlikeable impression, very pretentious and Bryon Nguyen, the manager, also known as Ti. I can’t say much about him, he seemed ok, at least compared to Keith Kurtz, but a rattlesnake also. The peak of professional business conduct until now was a BBQ party Keith and Bryon invited the “not fired yet” employees to, and it was a disgusting mess. Mr. Kurtz made the impression of being on cocaine and viagra at the same time, and the upcoming manager Ms. Fellows was drinking booze like a pro athlete drinks water after a marathon. She passed out later, but not before doing a semi-striptease in front of the others and getting on the nerves of the (few) sober guests by asking for drugs. Folks, “Saints and Sinners” is not the glamorous VIP lounge it tries to be so (too) hard, it is only another scummy bar in the French Quarter. They have their 15 minutes of fame, but after the grand opening potential buyers of the location can already keep an eye on it, it will be a bargain. VIPs don’t come to New Orleans, and if you do then don’t come to Bourbon Street.

Channing you reading this? Fire some heads before you lose your investment.- nik

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