Charlotte McKinney – Looks Better With Clothes Off

Charlotte McKinney – Looks Better With Clothes Off

What a buzz kill … Charlotte McKinney is normal looking with clothes on.

For a model, this is a poor selection in casual clothing. Kate Upton is probably looking at this post and thinking, “that’s my understudy? I look skinnier than her”.

Ok let me break this down – Charlotte wanted to go all black to coordinate with her shades (she’s probably obsessed with them). The pants have laces which she thinks are cool, but really all they do is make her hips flat (like the Earth). The black sweater is low cut so it shows how high up the pants go which make the hips look even wider. And the denim jacket fashion statement is so bad because it hides all proportion. Yes, my heart hurts.

Not even her perfect chin can save us.

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