Cheated like it was her Job

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Sara Newman in Portland, Oregon… When she was not googling my family and friends, she’swas accusing me of cheating based on her ‘suspicions’.no evidence,just a ‘feeling’. In my case, an ex on an adult dating site had posted a copyrighted picture of us backstage and I sent off a DMCA. But, when I was shown the page from which it had been removed, guess who was on a profile list looking for ‘a**l and p***y play’? That’s right. She had multiple profiles on multiple sites and from the testimonials posted she had found multiple gentlemen on multiple occasions for ‘ her pleasure’ and was also a member of club sesso. And the WHOLE time she wasn’t slinging on these sites, she was googling me, my family and friends, harassing them about me and she was screaming at me for cheating because she had a ‘feeling’ So when I asked her about the profile…it was my fault. She was FORCED to go on there ‘looking for me’. I asked about the men on her list. It went from ‘I never met anyone off there’ to ‘ met a guy on match and we both happened to have an AFF profile’. The lies just grew from there. So she said she would close the account, only she just changed the name. So when I told I knew about that, she denied it. the said it was a ‘mistake’ then she closed it, only to open a new account 30 min later (all these are paid, btw) . When I told her about that one…more lies, all blaming me. And one is still open…just hidden. The guilty scream the loudest.

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