Cheating, Lying Horn Dog

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THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this guy right here is the biggest cheating, lying, thirsty horn dog i’ve ever met! Not only is he desperate, but he’s actually got no heart whatsoever. He uses his looks and his story of how his mom died and his dad ‘abandoned’ him to get girls, and acts like his family treats him like shit. He lies and says he’s a virgin and acts like he’s losing his virginity to every girl he’s with, makes her feel special then leaves. Every girl that he talks to is always “the most beautiful girl” he’s ever seen, and is “what he’s always dreamed of”.. yeah that’s only because they’ll pay for his lazy ass, do everything he wants, and always feel bad for him cause he says his dad didn’t want him and his family that takes care of him doesn’t care about him or doesn’t want him. He’s a pathological liar, they treat him so well, and he’s just a spoiled brat! If he doesnt get his way he threatens to k***imself, but its just another empty promise like all the other bullshit that comes out of his mouth. You’re 20 years old, go out and get your life together instead of getting high all the time and going out to the club. He told my friend he was gonna marry her and acted like she was the only one in his life, come to find out he had 4 other girls throughout their whole relationship of almost a year. Girls beware of him!! He’ll use you and walk outta your life, tell everyone the things you trusted him with, make up a million lies about you and then act like you never existed!

Easy on the eyebrows Vanilla.- nik

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