Cheating Lying Sloot In Medicine Hat

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Cheater Cheater lying cock eater in medicine hat

Cheater Cheater lying cock eater in medicine hat

Cheater Cheater lying cock eater in medicine hat

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this cheaters name is Tamara Smith, she has been a tramp as long as i have known her every time she has a boy friend she obviously doesn’t feel satisfied enough to just have one but she has two she jumps from man to man wrecking each one of there lives. She got kicked out of every house that she has been in because of lying and drugs and will f*ck whoever will buy her breakfast in the morning. This c*m guzzling sk*nk of a girl spends all her time working and cheating on her current boyfriends. The last three relationships are with two guys at a time and they never have known any different. i worn all guys out there don’t fall for her lies because she will suck you in a fck you and never let go until she gets bored then she will cheat on you. For all those guys that are looking for a easy lay just go befriend her at salta gymnastics in medicine hat and then get her drunk and if you can get past the greasy face and the saggy v*gina she will f*ck the sh*t out of you btw glove up! So if you see her turn the other way otherwise it will be a the worst decision of your life cause she will have you lying to everyone you care for in your life and no one will talk to you other than a greasy kid names Ryan Kirkwood.

Looks like she tried to trim the fat off her face with a little photoshop (bottom pic).- nik

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