Cheating Marine Wife

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Chearing Marine Wife

Chearing Marine Wife

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this girls name is Victoria Loeffler. Her Husband is deployed in AGF right now. To his knowlege his wife is at home staying trust worthy NOT! This b*tch has parties every day and lures poor helpless marines freshly out of boot to her parties. She even has a lingerie party eww she like 300 pounds. Well she ends up getting the marines drunk and takes advantage of theses marines. Her friends do it to. They even have a 15 year old at the party messing around with the marines too. When the marines find out shes married she lies and says her husband died or there getting a divorce or its an open relationship. But her husband is very much alive and their not getting a divorce and their not in an open relationship. She and her friends even junped a pregnant girl because her bff Tori’s x josh told them too. She hit the poor girl is the stomach. Thank god the baby and the girl are ok. but this girl and her friends constantly get these poor marines into trouble and harass this poor pregnant girl. We need to let theses marines know to stay away from her and her friends and get some pay back and revenge for the poor pregnant girl. Shes even destroying the pregnant girls marriage to her husband. Plz help me protect them and get revenge on her. And she thinks shes the hottest chick in Yuma and gods gift to men.

What’s up with Marines loving to bang chicks with fat faces?- nik

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