Cheating Military Wife, Jessica Rios

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Cheating Military Wife

Cheating Military Wife

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Let me tell you about this girl. Her name is Jessica Rios. She is married to Josh Rios who is currently in the military fighting for our country. He is leaving this week for his next deployment and oh boy can’t Jessica wait till he leaves. Jessica likes to play this innocent House-wife, stay at home mother who takes care of her daughter. But while Josh is away, she goes out to bars and like to go convince the men who she meets to have a quickie in their car or at their house.. Not only does Jessica like to cheat on her husband who is away serving our country, but also Jessica has another baby daddy who she loves to f*ck over in child support and who she likes to f*ck around with his friends.. She sends these photos (with a tampon sticking out of her leg) and who also has her husbands name tattooed on her, and wheres his dog change to show how much she loves her husband.. BULL SH*T! This b*tch, has some nerve. Wow I don’t know the true definition of a SLOOT but she sure is one cheating wife who doesnt deserve anything but an drd.

The tattoo is obviously a scam to make Josh feel better about his wife life.- nik

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