Cheating On Her Husband With Two Guys

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Cheating on her husband with two guys

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce you to a couple of Filipino cheaters in Tucson. The one the right thinks she is so smart and so clever in hiding the fact that she currently has 2 boyfriends plus is still happily married. The boyfriends have no clue the other exists nor do they know that she is still married. What’s worse is she has a 3-year-old son that she brings along to both her boyfriends places while she’s sleeping with them. She likes to play games with guys and doesn’t realize that Tucson is a small place and word spreads like wildfire. Karma can be a b**tch and she doesn’t realize that her cheating on her husband with not 1 but 2 guys and who knows how many more could cause her to lose custody of her son. She needs to be stopped and exposed for all her lies. As for the girl on the left, word on the street is she is the same as the girl on the right. Both need to be exposed for what they really are. Lying Wh*res!!!!

She’s underestimating her child who will soon out her.- nik

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