Cheesy Laur Burgers

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THE DIRTY ARMY:Nik, Lauren Gray is a former stripper from the Harem gentlemen’s club. Got pregnant at the age of 17 married at 18. Cheated on her husband every chance she could. One day I get off work and go to my boyfriends house only to find her there with him : Later on in the night she rubbed her ass and bruised thighs on every guy who she saw. Sucked off big shot bob for a couple perk 5’s. About a year later she bought sex from my boy by bringing him 2 cheesy cheddar burgers. Tried to fight me while I was pregnant calling me a dead beat mom among other things. She always drinks and trips on acid she steals peoples shit. Didn’t go around her own child because she was too busy sleeping with other girls boyfriends. She enjoys leaving her daughter with her crippled mother, who cant even get out of her wheel chair, so she can get drunk and wiggle her way into any mans bed whose willing to touch her. She goes for the drug heads so she can get her fix in without paying a dime. She acts like shes the queen bitch of ‘LWALD’ and runs around with other cracked out young mothers. While their children play with each other, they step aside to get as high as possible before they absolutely have to go back to the kids. She decided to drink and trip on acid while pregnant with her second child and lost it, as soon as she found out she lost it she posted on facebook saying oh well at least she still has her boyfriend. Overall shes a dirty, sleezy drd infested skank. She cheated on her boyfriend Steven with sir Joshua Schenk usin’ some CHEESY CHEDDAR BURGERS.

She musta been the only girl at that toga party, which is why the guys still have their pants on.- nik

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