Chelsea Handler Needs An Attitude Check

Chelsea Handler Needs An Attitude Check

Chelsea Handler, what’s your deal? You had a really good thing going with Chelsea Lately on E, which made you sort of an N-list celebrity yourself. You did great commentary on celebrities and had hysterical guests on.

While I understand you wanting to leave to move onto other projects, ever since leaving, your attitude- frankly- sucks. You’ve reportedly cut off some of your former cast mates and your new show on Netflix just isn’t that entertaining.

Then, to top it all off, you walk around with an extremely cocky attitude, as seen in this video of you arriving at LAX Airport. You don’t even sound sincere when thanking the paparazzi member says your show is his favorite.

Come off the high horse you’re sitting on and be nice to the peons. One day, when your TV reign is long and done, you’ll need them to attend your stand up shows and, if you keep acting like this, there may not be many left to show up.

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  1. HypocritsSuckNovember 18, 2017 at 11:48 PM

    Chelsea went on the Bill Maher show and started with we need more women in power, then followed with an agist comment. You cannot get respect if you cant give it. Chelsea sucks.
    We don’t need more women in power we need more of the right kind of PEOPLE in power.