Chelsey Novak Forgot What She Use To Look Like

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is Chelsey Novak. She already got posted once but obviously who ever posted her does not know Chelsey very well. Chelsey Novak use to be a fat little cheerleader a few years back. Once her ex boyfriend Rex dumped her for being a dirty sloot she started throwing up everything she ate and started hitting the gym and then she got a boob job (which looks terrible). She worked as a shot girl at Brick in downtown Fort Lauderdale for a while where she would hit on every guy and promise them a “good time” when she got off work so that they would tip her more. She’s the biggest two face there is and she has no problem f*cking any of her friends over. She hits on all her friends boyfriends and tries to f*ck them but thank god most of these guys are smart and don’t.  She’s literally about 5 foot and thinks shes the hottest sh*t to walk this planet. CHELSEY, YOU ARE NOTHING. YOU ARE STILL THAT FAT LITTLE GIRL THAT EVERYONE CALLED MS.PIGGY IN HIGH SCHOOL. Instead of getting TWO boob jobs that look like SH*T you should really invest in getting a new nose job because your nose seriously annoys everyone. You just always have this stank look on your face. You’re a groupie, bottle rat and a home wrecker. Stop going to the gym just to meet guys, everyone knows who you are and how nasty you are.

At least her legs still look the same.- nik

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