Chezarae Lamon Knox


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Chezarae Lamon Knox

Chezarae Lamon Knox

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this little boy right here makes babies he has no intention of ever taking care of unless the girl will stay with him, while he cheats, lies, and steals from his own. His exact words were “I can have kids with someone else.” HE tells his ex he misses her only to turn around when other ppl are within earshot and and try to make it about the “kids.” He actually kept a tax refund scorecard so he would know how much was spent on him. His only concern is how he can get something for himself and who’s bed he can jump in next and how he can bleed them dry. When he doesn’t like what you talking about then he disappears or just hangs up. He has nothing, is nothing, and will remain on his grandmothers couch for the rest of his life unless some dumb girl prob under 22 years old comes to get him off and take care of him, since both the girls that he played against each other for years got smart, and moved on. He loves to flip the script when someone starts talking about him, got one girl sitting with him in church every sunday putting on a show while he the other one driving the 3rd ones car to the 2nd ones house while the 1st one works to provide for her family. Then tells asks her “What do you do for me.” Nothing. Your a waste of space, and have no self respect that you attempt to break her down to nothing, but unfortunately he picked the wrong girl, for the hundredth wrong time, and has no one to blame but himself. She was smart enough to know how to look and found a secret tagged profile with a different name in a different city with most of the girls on the page under the age of 20, every female in wichita I would watch out for this one….he would not know sincerity if it hit him in the face and knocked his worthless *ss clean out.  Anyone who has a secret cell phone that he lies about so he wont get caught up by his ex cuz he scared of her so bad that he will run as fast as he can the minute she pulls up in the car, is a curr…he ain’t hood, or whatever he say….he an alley cat.

He’s got couches in different area codes.- nik

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