THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, 2 of the smelliest beat slores in the Chi, lookin strung out as ever. Natalie looks like she has a touch of downs, or maybe that is all the pepsi she just did in the bathroom. or both. they used to be gogo dancers- now work as escorts in chicago . slept with all their friends BF’s, talked mad sh*t behind their backs and now everyone hates them. Somehow they got past the door at spybar this weekend (they were kicked out for a couple of years due to some foul play with the door manager’s gf), wonder who’s greg they had to suck to get in this time?

These girls are old, they started to late…who is gunna wanna sleep with that refund gap, their veiny/wrinkly hands and dead hair.- nik

[Image: Darkroom Demons]