Child in a mans body — Justin Gladu

Child in a mans body — Justin Gladu

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik.. This guy here is the most disgusting guy EVER!!! Hes sweet talks girls & tells them what they wanna here so he can have a place to stay!! He’s a dead beat dad has 4 kids with 3 different laydees!! He’s so needy he cant DO anything for himself says he doesn’t know how lol ..this loser is looking for a mommy figure girls…he does absolutely nothing but gamble up his money n then bums off the chicks he’s with everyday. .he cant hold a job…he’s in debt with child support 60000 dollars because his ex couldn’t put up with him no-more and kicked him to the curb finally…so he refuses to pay!! he picks on kids..pouts like a 2 year old n basically takes a tantrum when he cant get his own way!!! Stay clear of this guy he’s going NOWHERE in his life & will stop at NOTHING to bring u down out of pure hate!!! This guy should be put in a straight jacket..oh and don’t fall asleep around him he’s known to have sex with girls while there passed out!! He’s a living nightmare that will suck any life u have right outta u. …look at his pic nik, he’s the most miserable fuk that never stops complaining … this guy never does anything wrong lol & btw calls every girl a sloot when they try to leave him…and most of the time he wont leave…beware

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  1. Adult call-outJuly 1, 2018 at 5:52 AM

    Which baby mama are you? Don’t put him down cause you were too stupid to keep your legs together! Apparently he found some good pu55y and left your a55! Jealousy gets you nowhere, but on her posting your sad life choices!

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