THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have been HUGE fan of Chin-Chilla’s since you first introduced her to us on TheDirty. I follow her on facebook, twitter, and Instagram. Her updates use to be just smoking hot pics herself. Now her social networks are just annoying. Everyday I have to read about what Landry did, or where she is going with Landry, and how much she loves Landry… Blah blah blah! She was so much cooler when she had her own life. Now all she does is follow this guy around. I think she has gained a little bit of weight too. Must be all those dinners and movies…. Anyway, I’m sad to see that she is retired. She is off to Toronto to become a “basketball wife.” Too bad her future husband will be coaching Highschool basketball in about 5 years. We’ll see if she sticks around then!

Serious question for the DA… do you think Chin-Chilla is happy or is this a status move?- nik