Chinny Chin

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Crazziest bitch in Portand

Crazziest bitch in Portand

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet Danielle. This chick thinks she is the hottest sh*t in town,she is the crazziest b*tch in portland. Dated this guy fred for a month and is utterly obbssessed with him. Tried to tell me she was pregnant with his kid and was going to commit suicide than two days later wanted him back and wasnt pregnant? wtf!!! Girl has some mayjor issues.. I mean, come on look at the chin on this girl, it is a little bit unfortunate looking dont you think? she needs to be put on blast and realize that everyone thinks she is a fu*king idiot and she is so pathetic, If your going to kill yourself just do it already so we dont have to listen to the damm complaining so much.

I’m just glad she wasn’t pregnant so she didn’t have to pass that unfortunate chin along to a helpless child.- nik

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