Chris Hostland

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- this is Chris Hostland / Kaufman he is one nasty ass man, his lovely story start out with the fact that he is a physco angry alcoholic. For him all girls are just a bunch of toys he pretends to be all sweet and nice to draw them in then once he gets them it’s straight to the bedroom to fck them all , he’s been with over 100 or more girls and has defiantly got nasty sexually transmitted diseases, and if you think of sleeping with him well can’t say I didn’t warn you. At the moment he’s got a least 15 girls on the go its just nasty and will keep those numbers going up because his life is so fcked all he does is play Pokemon and yu-gi-oh if he’s not trying to get the girls in bed all girls are off pof !!! This man Is also very violent and will hurt anyone that tries to get in his way he’s a women beater and a liar that will twist your words to make everything out to be your fault. He may have a way with words but you should know in your head ladies all he wants is sex hes Dirty dirty dirty !!!  You all have been warned what you choose to do from here is all your problem.

Dudes walking a fine pedo line playing those games.- nik

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