THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, look at this douche, Christian Fondrick.  My girl asks the dude for a favor and he said he’ll only do the favor if she sleeps with him (given: this favor was about as important as moving a heavy fax machine.).  After I’m done “reaming” this kid for his inconsideration for women, this asshole continues to tell me he is in the midst of a thanksgiving orgy and he is “f*cking” as I text him. Welp, I guess we all know this guy wasn’t sleeping with anything, especially with that little Greg.   Too many supplements Christian?  Maybe you should lay off the squats at the 24 Hour as a Personal Trainer in Highlands Ranch. Perhaps instead of training valuum induced house wives you should take an extenze.

Christian Fondrick, is this really what you want the world to think of you as?- nik