Christina Brito Homewrecker

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik – here’s the deal with Christina Brito – complete HOMEWRECKER. She is now living with and “engaged” to her STILL married musician has been (wait never was) boyfriend Art from Grupo Vida. She is in her early 40s – has 4 kids with three different daddies (yes Christina, we know about your earlier days as a groupie that conceived a child you lied about who the dad really is. Wow – you’ve come full circle) This is not the first time she has wrecked a marriage – try 3 OTHER times! Of what I know – she had gone through 8 “serious relationshipsin a little over a year – bringing all these men into her home around her children. And I believe CPS has several investigations on her. She’s pathetic – she argues with people on her FaceBook ALL THE TIME at 40 years old- about religion, politics etc – If you don’t agree with her, she deletes people and their comments on her page – what a COWARD! Her oldest daughter has basically raised her other 3 children so she can follow her boyfriend on gigs” at small bars all around Texas to make sure he’s acting right – considering he cheated on his wife with HER. She copied another one of her ex boyfriend’s ex wife and got a boob job but too bad hers look like crap – she has a huge stretch mark across them. And someone needs to tell her to wax her upper lip. Not to mention the skank brags about going to the gym all the time but I guarantee she’s gained 60 pounds in the last 5 months. Her boyfriend seems to constantly postpone them getting married … first problem – hes not even divorced yet. And Im sure … like her 8 other serious relationships and 2 other failed marriages – he’s getting sick of her crap too. His “bandmates” can’t stand her – she’s always starting drama with fans and they feel like they are losing a lot of fans because of her psychotic behavior; his family does not like her at all considering she split up his family – he has 2 children with his current wife and Christina refuses to allow him to spend time with them as they are a connection to his ex. She talks bad about her BFF Melissa Pauda – telling everyone she slept with her husband’s cousin and other affairs she has had but denies it to Melissa – such a good BFF. She has dropped all of her friends since being with Art but she did them a favor. She’ll try to sleep with their husbands too if she hasn’t already.

She must not know that zirconias are fake.- nik

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