Church Of Scientology Responds To Leah Remini’s Second Season of Show, Mike Rinder Refutes Claims

Church Of Scientology Responds To Leah Remini’s Second Season of Show, Mike Rinder Refutes Claims

Yesterday, we spoke exclusively with Leah Remini regarding the currently taping second season of her show Scientology: The Aftermath. As would be expected, the Church of Scientology has issued a response to the news. Likewise, Mike Rinder, who appeared on Remini’s show and was a former senior executive of the Church, also responded to what the Church is saying.

In response to the initial report in The Hollywood Reporter of Remini being green lit for a second season, the Church wrote, “The organization, who continues to refute Remini’s claims and the information presented on her show, gave a statement to THR claiming A&E paid people to appear on-screen. Real transparency would be for A&E to detail all forms of compensation made to sources spreading religious hate and bigotry on Leah Remini’s show.”

Then, a Church representative spoke to Page Six and said that, “When the network cancelled ‘Generation KKK,’ the network claimed that paying sources violated company policies. Yet at the same time it was hypocritically compensating Remini’s sources with money and significant in-kind payments. A&E can’t have it both [ways].”

Rinder documented this in his blog, and responded to the claims that her sources were compensated for appearing on the show.

Specifically, he wrote, “Leah Remini was paid as Exec Producer. Why shouldn’t she be? It is no secret and unlike scientology, she has not lied about it.”

“I was paid as a consultant (and as I have said earlier on this blog, the amount of money was not enough money to live on — I would have been much better off financially not to have devoted any time to the show last year),” he added.

Then, Rinder specifically addressed the Church’s claim that Remini’s sources were paid, stating that, “Nobody else who appeared on the show was paid a dime. Their airfare and hotel were covered if they had to travel to be filmed.”

In his blog, Rinder then went in on the Church, writing that, “They are throwing s**t against the wall to see if anything will stick. And it’s low grade s**t. They cannot respond to what these people said or the facts they recounted. And they choose to avoid that by diverting attention to their self-created and non-existent controversy.”

He adds that, “unlike scientology:
We are not selling anything
We are not holding people hostage
We are not hurting people
And we haven’t amassed 3 billion dollars in assets.”

It’s no surprise to us that the Church of Scientology are not fans of the show and are trying to use various tactics to discredit it; however, they’re not working, as the show has been a huge success and has a large following.

Keep fighting the good fight, Mike and Leah!

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