THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, thought you’d find this chica Cindy Prado interesting… .she’s a Miami-based “model.” She’s going on for a couple of years now that’s she’s going to be in SI’s Swimsuit Issue and is constantly posting pics on her Instagram with a free filter from Victoria’s Secret implying she is a model/upcoming model/etc. for them — she’s not. Additionally, she lists her ethnicity as “Cuban/Spanish” and is obviously not smart enough to know that “Cuban” is not an ethnicity — there are black Cubans, Asian Cubans, Lebanese Cubans, and yes, Spanish Cubans. So far, her claim to fame is boning a local “rapper” whose has recorded songs with Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias and T-Pain (his name rhymes with QuitFull); this in and of itself is not really that much of an accomplishment, as you can see by another post on your site that he will pretty much throw it in everything and anything, including fat girls. She has a nice figure, but her face is absolutely mediocre, even mannish; and she could use some dental work. I’ve never, ever seen her without full makeup (even at the beach) or a photo on her Instagram that isn’t fully airbrushed.

I see stretch marks around the stomach area.- nik