Clayton Bock King Of Bullshit

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, So, Clayton likes to talk a lot of bullshit. He seems to think that all of his friends, (what friends he has) *cough cough* acquaintances, are his minions. He likes to say he’s gonna send people after other people, and when it comes down to it he’s actually a little snitch. He snitched a person out for stealing something stupid and little. He tries to manipulate people to side with him, the few people that he can. Most people actually hate him and think he’s a fcking f. His nickname is “Clit” because idk people just seem to call him it. Also, he likes to cut himself, and burn himself over a sad stupid little breakup. He tells people he’s going around showing pictures of them and talking shit about them, so that they’ll wanna stomp that person, which is a load of bullshit. He also likes to steal things. And ruin people’s lives. Mostly his close friends though. All his close friends think he’s a fgot, and if you ask any one of them they would tell you straight up that Clayton’s a little bitch and wouldn’t do fuck all. He likes to send his daddy after people, which is very immature on his part, and his dad’s part for getting involved. His dad and him like to threaten people physically, which never leads up to anything. He used to be in love with him pet hamster…I mean, come one. Obviously this guys a total joke. You’d be stupid to take anything he says seriously, or invite him into your home because he steals your shit. A friend of mine, let him live in his place while he was homeless, and all he did was bring his little girlfriend over and get twacked, and get my friend evicted for being loud. He likes to lie about parties he goes to, and fights he gets into, parties that he’s never invited anyone to, so there’s no way for him to even prove that he goes to these so called parties. He dated a 14 year old, and then got his ass kicked by her friends because he’s a little bitch like that. Everyone knows he’s a joke. And don’t bother decking this bitch in the face because everyone knows, little fgot fck up will get the cops on your ass. So, yeah. That’s it..

Is that a flower in his ear..also what’s with the selective mud.  I think he’s a little tight in the shorts if ya know what I mean.- nik

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