Coco Can’t Lay Off The Hoho’s

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh, Nik… This bloated piece of work is named Coco Shugzda, Samantha would be her real name, Coco is her “rave” name. This girl would probably suck anyone’s greg for a line, and I am not talking about Pepsi. It’s really unlucky for her though, I highly doubt anyone would let that janky mouth anywhere NEAR their junk. And it sucks for her, that someone doing THAT much meth (oops, did I say that?) and could still be SO bloated and FAT. She dated this guy for a week in high school and harassed him SO much he had to move, and change his number. She used to be a go-go dancer until even her own team kicked her off because she was ust so revolting to look at. She also thinks it’s funny to start shit with people who are very much defenseless!!! At a rave on Halloween weekend she threw a full water bottle at a DJ’s pregnant girlfriend (who was not raving, she was just there to support her boyfriend). She should REALLY come to the realization that the only reason people keep her around is because she has a car, and no one in our group has a car!!! That’s right Coco, this isn’t one of your enemies…I think it’s about time to put this bitch on blast, and for her to crushed by the best, so Nik..

She better stock up now that Hostess is going out of business, otherwise you’ll see a lot of sugar fits.- nik

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