Colin Farrell Spoiled By Talented Women

Colin Farrell Spoiled By Talented Women

Actor Collin Farrell recently was at a press conference for his movie The Beguiled, and he talked about working with strong women in the film.

“It’s been a journey man to get here,” Farrell shared. “Many miles of road. Many corsets, many corsets which I didn’t have to worry about being the token male… It was an amazing experience to shoot this film.”

“I grew up in my life with three very strong and very brilliant and kind and smart women- my mother and two sisters,” he added. “For me to be surrounded by all of these incredible women who are amazingly talented and decent and smart and creative and insightful and curious was a treat for me. I was very spoiled.”

Check out the rest of what Farrell says in the clip above. From his good looks and celebrity status, we’re guessing this is not the only time Farrell has been spoiled by women.

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