Connecticut Girls Beware

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Connecticut girls beware!

Connecticut girls beware!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Joey Facer the biggest tool in the small city of Waterbury CT (aka the dirty water). He used to be a skinny little drug addict, but jail can do wonders for the body. He has been known to steal, lie, and prostitute himself in order to score his drugs. He “claims” he is clean now and is looking for someone to love. But in reality he is just preying on young, trashy, and gullible girls on facebook. BEWARE! Not only has he been known to share needles in his past, but he was also a male prostitute so it is very likely that he can have many incurable diseases. He left Connecticut for a couple years because too many people wanted to kick his ass. He went to PA and supposedly was a bouncer at some night club. He claims he left PA because he was shot twice. So as you can see he not only thinks he is Scarface but also 50cent. If this dude contacts you on facebook or myspace do not accept.

I wonder what him and his buddy did after they did a photoshoot of each other.- nik

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