THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, first of all Nik Dirtycelebs cannot hide from THE D.A. even though he has been hiding lately I was sent new photos of the latest adventures of ConRoids…..So Nik ConRoids used to be all about posting pics on myspace and Facebook and trying to score tail online, but he has been quite lately on his posting and now figuring that Pool season is here and WMC just passed, Nik I am actually thinking this New AIM replacement girlfriend that does not like his dirty celeb status and facebook flirting. Nik what do you think it is ConRoids New chick, or he can’t handle the fame?

You mean ConRoids new dude.  Word on the street in Vegas is that ConRoids is trying to clean up his image.  He stopped drinking protein shakes and putting needles in his butt… he wants to be a civilian again and not a Douche Bag Dirty Celeb.- nik