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THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies and gentleman I give to you Tammy Thomas she is married but don’t let that fool you when her hubby is out of town working she can be seen at the T&C sometimes hitting on the doorman and or touching their junk and chance she gets or making F**k dates with them as well or if she is not there she is at the mall trying to get F**ked but this all stop the minute her hubby comes back for days off poor guy has no Idea he has been told she is doing this but he ignores it Tammy just recently told her ex-best friend off (so she thought) after all the years of her mooching off of her (best friend) and coping her (clothing, acted, talked, tattoo’s EVERYTHING) Tammy has gone so low as to become friends with a creeper who will not leave her ex-best friend alone Tammy has a track record of being a psycho stocker woman as well calling and texting guys who tell her to back off and again all this while her hubby is out of town working she brags about what she has done with other guys she lies all the time and is so self centered it would make you sick Tammy also enjoys getting involved in everyone’s drama and or creating it as well all in all Tammy may not live in a trailer park but she is definitely trailer park trash what do you expect from someone who lives in forest lawn

Your quarter shots shouldn’t include your arms.  Just saying.- nik

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