Courtney Aka Elizabeth Couteau

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Anyone for a round of Syphilis?

Anyone for a round of Syphilis?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Allow me to introduce Courtney aka Elizabeth Couteau, another of Pittsburgh’s c*m dumpsters and the best hooker Craig’s List has to offer. This h*roin addicted mess of a failed stripper can be found begging for tips at “burlesque” performances in the basements of any sh*t hole bar that will have her. With skin like curdled milk, stringy/dirty hair, and shoulder pads stuffed into her bra, Courtney can be found either sucking on a purple crayon in the bathrooms of Altar Bar or layering make up over her track marks.The worst thing about this left over sloot is her willing to sharing needles, and of course cutting herself on stage. the photos included are actually good pictures of her…the bad ones were too horriable to repost.

Pics are from the end of her binge so she’s about 20lbs leaner then usual.- nik

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