Courtney Cox Looking Rough At UCLA Event

Courtney Cox Looking Rough At UCLA Event

Someone needs to call Monica from Friends, because Courtney Cox is seriously in need of an incessant cleaner to help clean up her look.

Recently, Cox surfaced at an event entitled “UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability Celebrates Innovators for a Healthy Planet” that was held in Beverly Hills at a private residence.

In the photos, which we’ve posted above, Cox looks more Courtney Love than Courtney Cox, and looks like she’s more than a few days late to call the plastic surgeon for fillers and a botox touch up.

Also, did no one mention that, when showing up to an event where you’re going to be photographed, putting a touch of makeup on is always advisable?

Seriously, Courtney, this isn’t your first time at the rodeo. Get it together or do like Friends did after ten seasons and get gone.

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