Covington Is So Gangsta

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Covington Ky is so gangsta....NOT!

Covington Ky is so gangsta....NOT!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I read your website every day and I never really knew anyone who was as bad as some of these people are, until I moved to Covington, KY. This city is full of fake little gangsters and the biggest little gangster lives down the street from me. His name is Brandon and every day I hear his stupid ranting and raving over something stupid. I can’t get a good nights sleep because of his crappy rap music going off and hearing the screaming and arguing of his family. A couple of weeks ago I hear a loud female scream and look out my window and see him beating on a pregnant female!!! I’m guessing it was his baby momma. This is the second time I seen him beating up a female, I called the police and it took them so long to get there and by the time they came she had already taken off. I feel like this is what your website is for, to expose the scum of the earth. Anyone to beat up a pregnant female who is carrying their child scum. Maybe this will be a wake up call and I can finally get a good nights rest.

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