Craig Robinson ‘Faking It’ With New Book

Craig Robinson ‘Faking It’ With New Book

Actor Craig Robinson was recently spotted by the paparazzi departing for a flight at LAX Airport in Los Angeles, California, and talked about his new book Jake The Fake Keeps It Real.

“It’s a young adult book,” Robinson shared. “It’s called Jake The Fake Keeps It Real. It’s about this kid named Jake who fakes his way into a music and performing arts academy. The way he does that is his sister kind of tells him what they expect and he knows how to play the hell out of this one song.”

“He finds out things like how to live in the moment,” Robinson added, “how to make art out of a mundane, everyday activity. Ultimately, he realizes what his true talent is and in the process learns a little bit about himself.”
While this sounds like a good read for young adults, we’re not putting this on our current “must read” list. Although, we must note, it’s interesting that Robinson’s co-author was the person who wrote Go The F**k To Sleep. That book cracks us up and is a must in any library of a parent.

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