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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! These Pictures are oh Robin Wanda! I’m here to tell the world about what kind of women she is! she is a scared litte bitch. I’m 17 now, i lived with her and my dad when i was 15! She kicked me out because me and my dad were to close for her. She claims that he raped and abused her, BULLSHIT! She has been married 3 times, and every one of her husbands will say she’s a pysco lying whore. She has basically sold her body in private shows for GUYS. She would make my 12 year old sister be her little bitch and if she didn’t do what Robin said, oh boy she was in trouble! She also made my 8 year old sister and 6 year old brother sit in there rooms all day and all night for a PUNISHMENT. She would make them just sit on the floor and do nothing. Even when they got tired! It’s fcked up and WRONG. She needs help! She tried ki**ing my father so she could have all my siblings, well the ones she could brain wash into thinking she was there real mom. She goes for guys who have kids so she can get to them because she can’t have kids of her own, and for that reason she doesn’t belive in god, even though she went to mormon church with my father, and thinks she has the right to judge how he does the religion. SHE HAS NO RIGHT TO D THAT WHEN SHE DOESN’T EVEN BELIVE IN GOD!! For my 16th birthday she sent me pictures of me as a baby with my mom. How fcked up? That’s my dad he should have pictures of me as a baby, But because she was so jealous of me she had to get rid of everything that was mine. When i came to visit them for CHRISTMAS we got in a big fight and she said straight to my face she wanted to PUNCH ME IN THE FACE!! She thinks abusing children is OK!?! Where?! In Robin world?! She was cheating on my dad, with a fireman and had him text my dad over and over saying things like he was a little 16 year old girl messaging another little ex boyfriend! She can’t fight her own battles. She is a nasty fuk who took these pictures! She’s UGLY. While my dad was in the hospital she had his phone and was texting me the nasties things! She also hated me because i knew what she was all about, a lying, cheating, gold diging, baby stealing, WHORE!!! I’m happy she is GONE!! I finally have my dad back! She would overdose his medication so she had control over what he did and said! She is CRAZY thank god she is GONE!!

Nice 3 pack…- nik

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